Leadership Tips of the Week

These leadership tips are little nuggets of wisdom… (click each one to learn more)

  • Laugh More!

    So much has been written about the science of laughter and its mental, spiritual, health, relationship, leadership and social virtues… Read more

  • Be Reliable!

    If you want people to view you as reliable follow the simple principle: “Say what you will do and do what you say”… Read more

  • Coach Others!

    Coaching is a powerful way to contribute and help others, especially when you understand their problem and feel you can make a difference. However, you have to do it effectively… Read more

  • Be Positive!

    Be courageous. Say NO to negativism, cynicism, and resignation and ALWAYS stand for positivity, optimism and possibilities, even if people around you are in a different space…. Read more

  • Be a role model!

    Being a role model does not mean being perfect. It also doesn’t mean not making mistakes and always having your act together. It means being authentic and courageous… Read more

  • Listen to others!

    Our job in life is not to fix other people’s problems, most people are big and able enough to figure it out themselves…Read more

  • Be true to yourself!

    At the most basic level, being true to yourself means being true to your promises and agreements, or in simple terms ‘doing what you say’… Read more

  • Give up excuses!

    Excuses and blame are often legitimate, valid and even justified. However, they don’t make a difference. In fact, they make you smaller than your problems and challenges. If you want to be more powerful and bigger than your circumstances and challenges give up excuses.
    Read more

  • Kick Ass!

    The word BUT is a sneaky word. People often say things like: “I’d love to do it, but I don’t have the time, money and the credentials” or “I am really afraid of taking the risk, but I am going to do it anyway”. We all use this word in conversations all the time without realizing how undermining it is. Read more

  • Be Effective!

    There are three levels of conversation you and your team could be in: The lowest level of communication, which is most common, is when people talk in open-ended, hypothetical terms. This sounds like: “I wonder what would happen if we did this…?”, “It would be interesting to see how this turns out…” Read more

  • Be Powerful!

    When people work on articulating goals and they want to convince others in a certain direction they often say things like “We should do this,” “We have to do this” or “We must do this.” Read more

  • Be Rigorous!

    If you want your conversations to be more powerful and effective and your meetings to take less time, move faster and be much more productive and satisfying follow this seemingly simple rule – “Answer Questions” and “Acknowledge Statements”… Read more

  • Forward the action!

    If you want your team members to speak and engage in effective conversation that achieves 100% alignment especially around complex issues or decisions, get your people to follow this rule: “Always forward the action when you speak”… Read more

  • Be Empowering!

    If you want to be a powerful leader “give the credit to others” and “take the blame on yourself”. Most managers and executives do the opposite: when things go well they take the credit and when things go badly they cover their ass and blame others…. Read more

  • Give thanks to people around you!

    We run so fast, our lives are so hectic and driven, that without meaning to we often take for granted how we feel about others, how much they do for us and how others feel about us…. Read more

  • Don’t be a victim!

    The most powerful way to go through life is to love what you have and what you do. But, not everyone feels that way or has that opportunity. At times, in the most important areas of our life, like work and family, we get dealt a hand that we didn’t choose or we don’t control and that we don’t like or want. Yet, we still have to respond to the challenges and opportunities that come our way…. Read more

  • Stop Worrying!

    We worry a lot, especially when we have a lot on our plate. For the most part, our worries are legitimate, valid and even justified. However, our worrying, as valid as it may be, doesn’t help us or make a difference to fix, change or improve our situation in any way. In fact, our worries disempower us and make us smaller than our problems… Read more

  • Be authentic!

    The more you behave and communicate authentically the more you will be able to drive breakthroughs around you. This could mean acknowledging that something is not working…Read more

  • Learn and grow!

    Make sure that you are learning, improving, developing and growing as a leader, manager, team member and person – every day. Keep it real and tangible.  Read more

  • Take a stand and prove it right!

    Remember, our paradigms always serve as self-fulfilling prophecies. Whatever point of view you adopt, you will always find evidence for it in the circumstances around you. And, if you change your mind, even 180 degrees… Read more

  • Generate energy!

    Churchill said: “Success is going from failure to failure without any loss of enthusiasm”.

    What he meant was – if you want to be a powerful and inspirational leader bring energy to others, rather than wait for others or circumstances to bring energy to you. Read more

  • Give up all negative or undermining conversations!

    You always have a choice about what conversations you will entertain and indulge in. If you want to be a powerful leader only engage in conversations that make a difference and forward your commitment. Remember, your personal space is influenced by the conversations you take part in… Read more

  • Be wise, not right!

    When things are broken or they don’t work, most people spend more time covering their behind and making sure everyone knows it’s not their fault, then they do figuring out how to fix the issues… Read more

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