Leadership on a Napkin

These leadership lessons are practical distinctions and tools that I encounter in my daily coaching work, that I think would be relevant and beneficial to others.

Lesson 1:

Give Credit To Others

If you want to be a powerful leader “give the credit to others” and “take the responsibility and blame on yourself”.

Lesson 2:

Know the difference between Statements and Questions.

If you want your meetings to take less time, move faster and be much more productive and satisfying follow this seemingly simple rule – “Answer Questions” and “Acknowledge Statements”.

Lesson 3:

Elevate your team’s dialogue

There are three levels of conversation your team could be in. When the highest level is ingrained in the DNA of your team you have a high-performance team environment.

Lesson 4:

Always Forward the Action When You Speak

In most teams people don’t have the orientation or skill to forward the action. Some practical rules to elevate the team’s effectiveness.

Lesson 5:

Praise in Public and Criticize in Private

If you want to make a powerful difference, strengthen and empower people in your interactions and communications, pay attention to this simple rule .

Lesson 6:

When Coaching People First Listen for What is Missing

When people are not living up to their word or fulfill their commitments typically one of two things are missing.

Lesson 7:

Tips on Giving and Receiving Recognition

What to do when you give or receive acknowledgement, recognition or praise.

Lesson 8:

Don’t let your BUT kick your BUTT

The word BUT is a sneaky word. We use this word in conversations all the time without realizing how impactful it is.

Lesson 9:

From “Should” to “Want” to “Will”

If you want to have a more powerful conversation, shift your conversation from “I should do this” to “I want to do this.” The most powerful conversation is when people say “I will do this.”

Lesson 10:

Praise Others and Make It Personal

When you acknowledge, recognize or give praise to others, make it direct and personal.