Leadership Tip of the Week

Stop saying “We should”!

People frequently say: “we should”, “we need to”, “we have to” and “we must” when expressing their stand and commitment on important topics.

They say things like: “we should be working more collaboratively”, “we need to improve our process”, and “we must do whatever it takes to achieve our numbers.”

However, the word “Should” is a cover-up for lack of commitment.

“We should do X” sounds like a powerful sentence that conveys commitment… and these words make the people using them feel as if they are being bold, pushing the envelope and challenging the status quo.

However, in reality, these words do the opposite! They keep people in their comfort zone, avoiding new actions, behaviors or change.

People don’t do what they “should”, “need to”, “have to” and/or “must” So, when they use these words it makes no difference in changing anything.

If you want to be courageous and convey a committed and powerful message that will compel you to change, say:

We will!

These words will compel you to put your money where your mouth is!

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