Leadership Tip of the Week

Stop Waiting!

Life is Too Short to Compromise

What would you start doing, stop doing, or change if you felt strongly that “life is too short to compromise?” A synonym for compromise is Sell Out, Wait.

Complete the sentence: “Life is too short to….”

Look at things like: wait to pursue what you want, …hold back, …quarrel about insignificant things….spend time with people who drain your energy rather than give you energy, or …hold back expressing your love to the people you care about.

Living without compromising on the important things is a powerful and courageous way to live.

Not compromising doesn’t guarantee that you will achieve and get what you want. Some goals take a lifetime to fulfill.

However, if every day you spend time thinking about, and planning for the future state you want, it will not only accelerate your progress in achieving what is important to you, but it will also make your day (today) much more exciting and focused.

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Development target

Are you developing your team and for the right reasons?

As COVID progresses, leaders need to continue to develop their teams. In fact, in some cases, team development may be more important than ever. It seems that the leaders who developed their teams before COVID continue to do so with extra passion, while those who didn't invest in development before or did it sporadically and/or poorly, continue in the same way. Which category are you in? Are you developing your team?
Will you lead or lag the virtual revolution?

Will you lead or lag the virtual revolution?

Just like the smartphone revolutionized the way we live and do business, it is inevitable that COVID will transform the way corporations work and do their business. Why is this transformation inevitable? Survival is a very powerful instinct. COVID very abruptly required companies to shift the way they manage their employees and customers, and the way they conduct their business.
Stay out of your head.

Stay out of your head!

The last few months have certainly tested our mental stamina…

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