Strategy Development

strategy development

Building upon any existing strategic work you have done to date, I typically use the Strategic Promises framework to align your leadership team and organization around a bold and compelling next-level future vision, strategy and execution plan, with 100% ownership and accountability by all.

Most organizations root their strategic planning process in the past, developing next year’s strategic plan by extrapolating from this year’s. This past-based thinking limits possibilities and aspirations.

My Strategic Promise process is future-oriented. You actually start your strategic planning by placing yourself in the future and then working your way to the present.

This enables a collective boldness and ambition that inspires people to go beyond what they previously considered likely.

Strategic Promises

The Strategic Promises are not priorities. They clearly define, stake and measure your bold ambition and commitment in all the key areas that are important to you.

These are customized to your organization, but typically include:

  • Financial (revenue, expense, profitability)
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • People and Culture
  • Quality
  • Innovation (new products and markets)

The Strategic Promises inspire all team members to personally own your strategy and work together to execute them at a new level of alignment, passion and accountability.

The promises represent a bold game that takes your organization or team to the next level in a rapid, authentic and powerful way.

The Strategic Promise Process

The Strategic Promise Process is approached in three phases: The “What,” the “How” and the “Who.”

WHAT Strategic Promises:
Specific measurable outcomes that represent a desirable and believable breakthrough and which define the strategic objectives the organization is promising to deliver.

Strategic Milestones:
The specific milestone results that take place between now and the achievement of the strategic promises. These results help ensure that the strategic promises are on track.

HOW Strategic Initiatives:
Projects with clear purpose, objectives and owners within each promise to ensure its fulfilment.

Disciplined Reviews:
Regular (monthly or quarterly) meetings to review progress, identify opportunities and address challenges and problems.

WHO Accountabililties:
Clear promise owners within the senior leadership team for the achievement of each strategic promise. Also, clear owners for each strategic initiative.