My Book: The Power of Strategic Commitment

Achieving Extraordinary Results Through Total Alignment and Engagement

To take your company to the next level, you constantly strive for that magical combination of top talent, superior leadership, critical resources, and canny strategy. But those elements—separately or in combination—will never achieve their ultimate value without commitment. Not the throwaway, rah-rah variety that dissipates as easily as it was created; but genuine, lasting engagement on the part of every single person in the organization. It’s real, it’s measurable, and, yes, you can build it.

The Power of Strategic Commitment is the first book to turn the sometimes fuzzy concept of buy-in into a true strategic component of success.

By establishing quantifiable components of motivation and engagement, any business—yours—can turn Compliance (essentially doing everything right, but by adhering to rules and consequences) into Commitment—doing everything extraordinarily well, all the time, because of real interest in the success of the project at hand and the continued growth of the organization.

Understanding the reason why current initiatives fall short

Like most business issues, the level of commitment you can expect from your employees will be determined by what’s projected from the top. The reason many well-designed initiatives end up falling short or failing outright is that employees sense immediately if senior management does or does not have the resources, structures, and sheer guts to follow through on all the grand visions they generated at the last strategic planning session. Too often, as the authors quote, strategic planning is “when you go offsite as a team, agree on a bunch of priorities for the year, then go back to work and do what you were going to do anyway.” This lack of resolve then permeates every level, department, and individual in your workplace.

Learn how to create and communicate initiatives

With The Power of Strategic Commitment, you’ll not only learn how to create and communicate initiatives that have inherent value (Content), you’ll also learn how to show and build belief in the lasting importance of those initiatives to both the organization and each employee (Context). This critical combination in turn results in the ability to:

  • Hire and retain only fully engaged talent.
  • Involve everyone in creating the future of the organization—and their own future within it.
  • Continuously measure and increase buy-in at every level.
  • Customize commitment strategies for each employee (it’s easier than it sounds).
  • Create a commitment-inspiring rewards system (without breaking the bank).
  • Keep everyone’s eyes on the prize—the achievement and surpassing of stated goals.

Take your organization to the top

Jam-packed with practical tools, proven methods, and countless examples from the authors’ considerable experience with hundreds of world-leading clients, The Power of Strategic Commitment gives you the key to the kind of sustained engage­ment that will finally help you realize all those great ideas—and take your organization to the top!

Outlining the key factors that determine commitment & buy-in

Even the most well thought out initiatives will fail without true employee ownership, accountability, and engagement. Yet most managers and executives don’t have a clear system for ensuring the support they need from those around them. The Power of Strategic Commitment helps readers improve their strategic processes by enlisting the support of managers, employees, boards, suppliers, investors, and others. The book outlines the key factors that determine commitment, providing powerful ways to build buy-in that cost nothing.

Readers will discover how to:

  • Continuously measure buy-in
  • Involve everyone in creating their own piece of a larger organizational future
  • Tailor commitment strategies for individual employees
  • Keep everyone on the road to achieving stated goals
  • Create a commitment-inspiring rewards system
  • Hire fully-engaged talent

This book provides practical methods for getting everyone behind the kind of important organizational actions that drive results.

The Power of Strategic Commitment
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