Leadership Tip of the Week

Recognize and thank others directly and personally!

When you recognize or give praise to others make it direct and personal:

  1. Talk to them, not about them.
  • When you recognize another person don’t talk in third person, about the person you are acknowledging. Talk directly to them.
  • For example: if you are recognizing or thanking George in a team setting, don’t say “I’d like to acknowledge George for his hard work and dedication in this project.” Most people do it this way.
  • Instead, say: “George, I would like to recognize you for your hard work and dedication in this project”
  • In order to recognize most powerfully use “I” and “You”, rather than “Him”, “they” and “them.”
  1. Look and talk to them, not the audience.
  • When you recognize or thank another person in front of others talk directly to them, not to the audience.
  • It would help if when you recognize another person in front of others you look at the person you are recognizing directly, not at the audience.
  • Most people talk to the audience and trust that the person being recognized or thanked will get their recognition.
  • Instead, talk to the person you are recognizing/thanking and trust that the audience will get the message too.

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