Leadership Tip of the Week

Orient around making a difference!

Take on the commitment to make a difference in everything you do and every way you behave.

Commit that every interaction you have with another person will leave them better off. This means: more enabled, encouraged, energized and/or empowered.

Keep your self-awareness high. Stay mentally awake and intentional toward this end. Avoid at all cost the trap of arguing, being Self-righteous, having excuses and/or coming across as condescending, arrogant or offensive.

It is not enough to mean well. What you say and how you say it both affect your ability to make a difference.

Any and every circumstance is an opportunity to make a difference. Even if you screw up you can always use that circumstance as an opportunity to make a difference – by taking ownership, fessing up, apologizing and promising to do better next time.

As someone wise once told me: “Be interested, not interesting.”


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