Building High Performance Teams

Team DevelopmentMost executives will tell you that the overall effectiveness of their organizational performance rests on teamwork.

In today’s highly competitive, challenging and increasingly global world, the need to achieve greater team alignment and collaboration, work smarter rather than harder, and achieve more with less is more crucial than ever. Yet, from the senior boardroom to the shop floor, teams at all levels seem to struggle in their ability to do just that.

My unique team development approach is transformational

Regardless of industry and no matter what the starting point is — i.e. how functional or dysfunctional, or diverse or geographically dispersed your team is – my team development approach and process will enable you to constructively address any limiting or undermining team dynamics and transform them into highly authentic, effective and empowering team thinking, behaviors and interactions.

Through this process, you will build a team where people:

Behave authentically and courageously rather than politically correct or cautious.

When the level of communication within your team becomes extremely open, honest, authentic, courageous and effective, people will stop being afraid to speak up. They will start raising issues and problems directly and addressing and resolving challenges and barriers quickly and effectively. They also will pursue opportunities with my higher passion, ownership and accountability.

Collaborate in a unified way instead of working in silos.

When everyone on your team truly feels a genuine sense of shared identity, unity and trust, people will own each other’s success and the greater success of the whole — not merely their own. In this dynamic of “being in this together” and “having each other’s backs,” everyone will go the extra mile to collaborate, partner and communicate across levels, functions and geographies — no matter whom they report to. In this environment, the overall results will always be much greater than the sum of the siloed parts.

Own all strategies, decisions, challenges and opportunities rather than make excuses and blame others.

When all team members are completely aligned behind, and feel accountable towards the overall strategy, they will line up behind decisions, take on initiatives without lip service, execute even the most aggressive deliverables without excuses or blame and demand the same mindset from others around them.

Stake themselves to the future, rather than stay stuck in the past.

When all your team members feel comfortable putting the past behind them and thinking about their future in a more free and powerful way, they will – on a regular basis – challenge the status quo, push the envelope and think outside the box. As a result you will have a high performance environment where people naturally come up with new ideas, breakthroughs, innovations and more effective ways of doing more with less.