Leadership Tip of the Week

Don’t be a victim!

The most powerful way to go through life is to love what you have and what you do. But, not everyone feels that way or has that opportunity. At times, in the most important areas of our life, like work and family, we get dealt a hand that we didn’t choose or we don’t control and that we don’t like or want. Yet, we still have to respond to the challenges and opportunities that come our way.

Whilst we may not have 100% control and say about what comes our way.  We do, however, have control and say 100% of the time about our attitude and mindset, and how we will deal with what comes our way. Specifically, we always have the choice whether to be a victim or owner in dealing with our circumstances.

Even if we don’t love what we have or do, we always have the ability to accept, choose or own it. In fact, if you want to be a leader take a stand that if you can’t at least accept what we do, we will change or leave it. That takes courage.

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