Leadership Tip of the Week

Be true to yourself!

At the most basic level, being true to yourself means being true to your promises and agreements, or in simple terms ‘doing what you say’. This includes making promises and agreements that you intend to keep and acknowledging and cleaning up any un-kept promises and agreements, no matter how big or small.

The more you do what you say and manage your promises with integrity and rigor, the more powerful and effective you will be in your ability to make things happen. If you compromise or become sloppy in this area your ability to generate extraordinary results will be compromised.

At a higher level, being true to yourself means being true to your principles and values.

This means always standing for what you believe, expressing yourself and never selling out. It also means behaving in an open, authentic, honest and courageous way, especially in the face of adversity.

When you consistently do what you say and stay true to your principles and values people will gravitate toward you and want to engage and participate with you at a different level. This will empower you and give you a deeper insight into, and ownership of who you are.

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