Do you have time for commitment?

Do you have time for commitment?

My wife and I spent the weekend with our dear friends B and R. B and R are a bit older than we are. They are both successful professionals. Their kids are older, they’ve moved out, one married. In fact, B and R are expecting their first grandchild this year. They are empty nesters, both in great physical and mental shape. So, they are set up to have a great time for the rest of their lives.

As we were on our morning walk, I asked B, “So, what do you do for exercise?” and he said “Nothing.” When he saw my surprised look he continued and said in a guilty voice, “I know. I have to find the time in order to make the commitment.” After a little pause I responded with, “No, you have to make the commitment in order to find the time.”

I totally understand how B feels. I talk to so many successful people who want to do things in other areas of their life and they feel that “they don’t have the time for that commitment.”

Time is an interesting phenomenon. Every hour of the day is equal in length on the clock, however our experience of an hour could be quite different depending on the circumstances. Not for naught people say: “time flies when you are having fun” or “time moves at a snails pace when you are not enjoying what you are doing”.

I live in Canada, and every year around January my wife turns to me and says with a sigh, “This winter is so long. Seems like it will never end.” And, around mid-to-end of July she says in panic: “I can’t believe how fast the summer is passing by. I wish I could slow it down!”

I have noticed that on the day before the weekend or a vacation, when I feel like “I must get everything done in order to have the peace of mind on the weekend or vacation”, I seem to be much more productive and have more time to spare too.

If you Google “people are most productive when they are happy in their lives” you’ll find a host of articles and surveys that provide more insight into this topic.

Perhaps if my friend B, who wants to be fit and in great physical shape, made his commitment to his well-being a top priority, and then scheduled his exercise routine accordingly, his other activities would adjust themselves to his new schedule. B is a very focused and successful man. He would continue to be successful even if he had a few less hours in the week to work.

People always find or make time when they commit to things that are important to them.

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His work has encompassed a broad range of industries including banking, telecommunications, manufacturing, entertainment, real estate, retail, startups and non-profits.

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