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Make your meetings more effective!

One of the most common complaints I hear in organizations is “too many meetings.” I believe in most organizations there are too many meetings. However, I also believe that what is causing and augmenting people’s frustrations about meetings is the fact that most meetings are ineffective. They don’t produce enough and they don’t leave people […]

How to make clear commitments and fulfill them

How to make clear commitments and fulfill them

I was coaching a senior management team of a successful technology company. The management team wasn’t operating or being viewed as a strong leadership team. One of the main complaints managers and employees had was that the senior team didn’t make enough clear decisions in areas that needed change, especially in areas of divide and […]

High Performance Team

Is your team a high performance team?

What is a high performance team? A lot has been written about this topic. I would like to keep it simple. For me a high performance team is: A team that is truly cohesive, aligned and trusting Everyone has each other’s back and people feel they are “in this together” Team members address and discuss […]