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Do Senior Leaders have the courage to confront and own their shortfalls?

If you want to elevate your team to a new level of ownership, accountability and performance you have to start by taking stock of, and owning your current reality and past. You have to confront what worked, what didn’t work and what still isn’t working. Sometimes, you even have to take responsibility for things that […]

Don’t forget to give thanks!

This week, Americans are celebrating their Thanksgiving holiday. I am not American but I love Thanksgiving because I find the premise and practice of focusing on our life’s blessings and fortunes, as well as expressing gratitude to the people we respect and love, to be extremely healthy, empowering, and necessary to all people in all […]

A salute to Paris and Parisians.

I am dedicating this week’s blog to Paris and the Parisians. My blog is called Leading and Living Courageously, and I believe this week the Parisians deserve this designation. During the weekend terror attacks in Paris, there were so many acts of courage and bravery by ordinary citizens who went out of their way to […]

Are you a Leader or a Manager?

A close friend sent me this chart: I see this chart as outlining some of the differences between leaders and managers. There is such a significant difference between the two. Here are some of my thoughts: Managers manage and focus on the existing reality. Leaders always look forward and think about how to create new […]

The Five Myths of Strategic Planning: Part Two

Henry Mintzberg, in his seminal 1993 book The Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning, refers to strategic planning as an “oxymoron,” claiming “the process can straitjacket an organization by stifling innovation and commitment.” In my last blog, I shared the first three of five myths that undermine most leaders’ effectiveness at generating powerful strategies and creating the ownership […]

There is always a mental game

How many times have you seen an athlete or sports team in the midst of their competition or game lagging behind only to somehow, in a miraculous way, turn the tables around and achieve great victory at the end? There are so many examples: Take for example the 3-2 victory of the Canadian men hockey […]

Practical steps for taking your game to the next level

A lot of my one-on-one coaching work is focused on helping leaders and professionals take themselves, their performance, and results to the next level. I coach people who are in various stages of their evolution and growth. Some are at the beginning of their professional careers. They are often working on getting their business started […]

How to make meaningful progress when taking your game to the next level

If you want to be successful at taking your game to the next level, you have to be conscious of how you think and what comes out of your mouth. I was leading a meeting recently with a telecom management team that had taken on a bold commitment to take their team’s leadership and performance […]