Leadership Tip of the Week

Give thanks to the people around you!

We run so fast, our lives are so hectic and driven, that without meaning to we often take for granted how we feel about others, how much they do for us and how others feel about us. Both in our professional and personal life we just don’t stop and say “Thank you” enough.

When we express our love, appreciation and gratitude we touch others profoundly, and this motivates them to give and strive for even more. In addition, people can endure, even thrive, during extensive difficult times when they feel appreciated and loved.

Unfortunately, people seem to be lazy and stingy about expressing love, appreciation and gratitude. The lazy say, “well they already know how I feel. I thanked them last week or last month, so I don’t need to do it again.” They don’t understand that expressing love, appreciation and gratitude is not about the data. The stingy say, “they could have done a better job. It wasn’t that great.” They focus on what’s not good enough instead of generously highlighting others’ commitment, efforts and care.

If you want to be a leader, be generous. Always look at how to touch, empower and make the biggest difference with the people around you, especially the ones you most respect, love and care about. Make a point to not take people for granted. Go out of your way to express your love, appreciation and gratitude.

Use this holiday season as an “excuse” to fully give thanks to everything and everyone in your life that you love and respect.

Don’t take any of it for granted!

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