Life is Too Short to Compromise

My wife and I try to live life according to the mantra: “life is too short to compromise.” There are multiple phrases you could put at the end of the phrase: “Life is too short to….” …Wait for what you want, …Hold back, …Spend time with people who drain your energy rather than give you energy, or …Not express your love to the people you care about. However, how often do we actually stop to reflect if we are living our life accordingly? Living without compromising on the important things is a powerful and courageous way to live. How many times have you compromised on personal and/or professional relationships that mattered to you, or sold […]

Just do it

There is something to be said about “just doing it.” I sometime refer to it as “Fake it till you make.” Alternatively, in plain English this means: “Doing what you said, even when you don’t feel like it.” Sometime it feels like: “Doing what you don’t like doing in order to achieve what you do want to achieve.” It seems a simple enough concept. However, so many people struggle with this personally and/or professionally. One of the biggest reasons why people don’t achieve what they want is lack of sufficient action. Most people fail to achieve their dreams and aspirations because they don’t make the effort, they don’t take the action or they don’t stay […]

Make a difference with your words

We have all heard the expressions “words are cheap” or “action speaks louder than words.” That is not true! In fact, words are the most powerful tools we have to create realities and make things happen. Let’s take some universal examples: When a priest or rabbi pronounces a couple “man and wife” a new reality is created from his or her speaking. When a judge sentences a person as guilty or not guilty that is a real and immediate outcome and reality. And, when a president of a country declares war on another country the world changes in that moment out of that declaration. These are all words that create a world. These are big […]