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Quantum Performance Inc

Helping organizations and teams achieve extraordinary
results by fully mobilizing talent, expertise and experience
across all levels, functions and geographies.

Quantum Performance

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Slogans or Reality?

I was speaking at the annual sales kick-off meeting of a growing successful global telecommunication company. This event was impressively managed with main stage events, breakout sessions and a barrage of high-end social activities. Like similar events, the themes were catchy, motivational and relevant. The messages were powerful and well presented by the senior executives, […]

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The overall focus of Quantum Performance Inc. is to help your organization or team achieve extraordinary results by fully mobilizing the personal and collective talent, expertise and experience of your people across all levels, functions and geographies.

The Total Alignment and Engagement process transforms your organization or team by taking it through seven key breakthrough stages — each building on the one that came before it.

Every step represents a significant breakthrough in culture, alignment and engagement.

Leadership Tip of the Week

Kick Ass!

The word BUT is a sneaky word. People often say things like: “I’d love to do it, but I don’t have the time, money and the credentials”, “I am really afraid of taking the risk, but I am going to do it anyway”, “I wish we could create this new innovative program, but they’ll never allow it”, “We don’t have all the answers, but I think we should take a stand.” We all use this word in conversations all the time without realizing how undermining it is.

When a BUT is used in a sentence whatever precedes it is always discounted and diminished by what follows it. For example: if you say “I’d love to do it, but I don’t have the time, money and the credentials” you have just killed the possibility of doing what you love.

In addition, a BUT used in a sentence becomes a show stopper. People rarely question its validity or implication on the actual sentence. When someone says “I wish we could create this new innovative program, but they’ll never allow it” most people will take that as a truth or fact, not question it and not go any further.

If you want to be more powerful, use BUT to your advantage:

Whenever a positive statement comes before the BUT – i.e., “I’d love to do it, but…” the sentence will disempower and discourage us. But, when the negative comes before the BUT – i.e., “I am really afraid, but…” our sentence will empower us and leave us with a wider range of possibilities.

In addition, if you switch the word BUT with AND, for example: “I’d love to do it, and I don’t have the time, money and the credentials” you have just disengaged the two parts of the sentence and the fact that you don’t have time, money and the credentials no longer needs to stop you from doing what you want.

The more you have awareness of how you use BUT and AND in your sentences, the more you will catch yourself saying things that you don’t intend, you don’t mean, and that are not true… and most importantly, are disempowering. As a result, you will be able to shape your sentence to reflect what you really want.

Don’t let your BUT kick your BUTT.

What others say about working with Gershon Mader & Quantum Performance

Francois Locoh-Donou

I engaged Gershon in to help raise the performance of the EMEA region at Ciena shortly after the acquisition of Nortel’s MEN division.

Our challenge was to integrate two organizations with different cultures and create a positive, cohesive mindset whilst dealing with complex workforce reductions across multiple European countries.

Gershon worked with us for over a year. The first impact of Gershon’s work was on my leadership team.

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Francois Locoh-DonouCEO F5 Networks / former COO Ciena
Shawna O. Menifee

Gershon Mader’s executive coaching has been essential in my career advancement in a highly competitive industry and marketplace.

He astutely mentored me in identifying key components to achieving goals and success; in crafting near and long term business and negotiating strategies; and perhaps most importantly, challenging me be my authentic self and understand what truly motivated me to achieve success.

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Shawna O. MenifeePresident/CEO Integrative Partners M/WBE Certified
Nick Earle

In taking up my role, I was faced with both a challenge and the opportunity of having a new leadership team… many of my colleagues had not worked together, were located in different parts of the world and were very focused on their individual areas of the business.

After working with Gershon I can say with conviction the team has strengthened considerably – relationships have developed, communications have become more open and, as a result, trust has deepened.

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Nick EarleSenior VP Cisco

Some of my many clients – past & present