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across all levels, functions and geographies.

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Are you dealing with successes and setbacks effectively?

Whenever you take on a major improvement, breakthrough or transformation in your team or company, it is inevitable that along the way you will have successes and setbacks.  The bigger you play, the bigger your successes and/or setbacks will be. The only way to minimize the setbacks is to play smaller. The only way to increase the successes is to play bigger.  You will have to determine what is more important for you. When it comes to successes and/or setbacks mindset is everything. I was in a meeting with a team that had taken on a big change initiative. We were meeting after two months to review progress and firm up the plan forward. At […]

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Align and engage your organization in fulfilling a bolder future.

Build a high-performance team no matter what your starting point.

Generate a bold strategy with 100% team alignment & ownership.

Become a more powerful & courageous leader in business and your life.

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The overall focus of Quantum Performance Inc. is to help your organization or team achieve extraordinary results by fully mobilizing the personal and collective talent, expertise and experience of your people across all levels, functions and geographies.

The Total Alignment and Engagement process transforms your organization or team by taking it through seven key breakthrough stages — each building on the one that came before it.

Every step represents a significant breakthrough in culture, alignment and engagement.

Leadership Tip of the Week

Listen for what is missing!

When people don’t live up to their word or they don’t deliver their commitments typically one of two things are missing:

Either they are not sincere about their commitment or they lack the competency to deliver it.

How would you know?

When people are not sincere they don’t bring enough energy and passion to the game. They don’t even try or work hard enough. They don’t do what it takes. They give up or get discouraged too quickly. They resort to excuses and justifications too quickly.

When they are not competent they genuinely try, but they keep missing the mark and failing. Sometimes it feels like “They just don’t get it”.  People typically fail either because they are not doing the right things or they are not doing things effectively.

The support and coaching for these two issues are different.

If people lack sincerity, you want to help them determine if they are really committed to the game and outcomes. This is not about “Do they have a plan?”, this is about “Are they all in?“. If they are not in, you should encourage them to do something else.

If they ARE all in – you could encourage them to elevate their energy, intentionality, and urgency. Sometimes they may even need to “fake it ’til they make it”, box themselves in, do what they say – even if it feels robotic or contrived. If you see a change in energy and attitude, you know that there is a change in sincerity.

If people lack a/the competency they need to gain or develop it. Their initiative, task or objective may take longer to achieve than expected. They may need to bring in help and support. And, they most definitely will need to work harder, at least for a while. And, sometimes, as harsh as it may sound, you simply need to bring in someone else who does have the necessary competency.

What others say about working with Gershon Mader & Quantum Performance

Francois Locoh-Donou

I engaged Gershon in to help raise the performance of the EMEA region at Ciena shortly after the acquisition of Nortel’s MEN division.

Our challenge was to integrate two organizations with different cultures and create a positive, cohesive mindset whilst dealing with complex workforce reductions across multiple European countries.

Gershon worked with us for over a year. The first impact of Gershon’s work was on my leadership team.

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Francois Locoh-DonouCEO F5 Networks / former COO Ciena
Marianne Calder

Gershon, we finished our quarter (very late last night) and I wanted to share with you the good news: we exceeded our plan for the first time in over a year! This is our first breakthrough 🙂

There is no doubt in my mind this comes from a super motivated team executing together, and the Transformation and Breakthrough Session with you was a key step toward this.

Thanks, for all your support!

Marianne CalderVP & MD for EMEA at Puppet
Nick Earle

In taking up my role, I was faced with both a challenge and the opportunity of having a new leadership team… many of my colleagues had not worked together, were located in different parts of the world and were very focused on their individual areas of the business.

After working with Gershon I can say with conviction the team has strengthened considerably – relationships have developed, communications have become more open and, as a result, trust has deepened.

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Nick EarleSenior VP Cisco

Some of my many clients – past & present